Our Goals

We can work to reduce heavy drinking, binge drinking and alcohol-related deaths in Wisconsin.

What’s Being Done

For more information on the Healthy Wisconsin Action Team’s strategies for reducing heavy drinking and alcohol-related deaths by 2020, download the Alcohol report.

Nutrition & Physical Activity

Our Goals

Our goal is to get Wisconsin eating healthier and moving more. That means increasing the number of fruits and vegetables we eat each day, encouraging breastfeeding and making physical activity a regular—even daily—habit for children and adults of all ages.

Nutrition & Physical Activity - healthy foods

Increase consumption of 1+ fruit per day by adults from 62% in 2013 to 65% in 2020 and of 1+ vegetable per day by adults from 74% in 2013 to 78% in 2020

Nutrition & Physical Activity - breastfeeding initiation

Increase breastfeeding initiation from 80% in 2015 to 90% in 2020

Alcohol - reduce related deaths

Reduce alcohol-related deaths by fall by 5%

Alcohol - reduce binge drinking adults

Reduce binge drinking from 25% in 2012 to 23% in 2020 among adults

Suicide - suicide rate

Reduce suicides from 13.1 (per 100,000) in 2014 to 12.8 (per 100,000) in 2020

Suicide - attempt rate

Reduce the rate of suicide attempts from 210.47 (per 100,000) in 2014 to 208.37 (per 100,000) in 2020

Opioids - outreach, intervention, treatment and support

Increase outreach, intervention, treatment and support services for nonmedical and illicit opioid addiction by 5% from 4,015 persons in 2014 to at least 4,210 persons in 2020

Opioids - overdose rates 1

Reduce the number of overdose deaths, hospitalizations, and emergency department visits associated with nonmedical or illicit opioid use by 5% by 2020