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In big cities and small towns across Wisconsin, health coalitions are bringing fresh ideas and dedicated community members together for a healthier Wisconsin. These programs and initiatives are addressing Wisconsin’s priority areas in new, innovative ways—and their local successes can help give everyone in our state a chance at a healthy life. Check out the progress Wisconsin’s health coalitions are making right now:



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Community Story - Nutrition & Physical Activity
Kewaunee County: Promoting Nutrition and Physical Activity
In 2018, Kewaunee County formed a workgroup to address the county’s nutrition and physical activity needs.
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Community Story - ACEs & Resilience
Promoting Trauma-Informed Care in Response to ACEs in Northern Wisconsin
More than half of Wisconsin adults have experienced at least one adverse childhood experience (ACE) in their past. That’s why Brown County United Way and their partners are raising awareness of trauma-informed care (TIC).
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Community Story - Suicide
Suicide Prevention Starts with Community in Washington County
Life of Hope’s new peer-based strategies could help people build healthy personal relationships and lower their risk of suicide ideation. If it works, the organization will have learned how to strengthen a protective factor for suicide prevention.
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Community Story - Opioids
Fox Cities Foundation Aims to Curb Opioids Misuse
In Wisconsin's Fox Cities, the Megan Kelley Foundation is successfully putting a multifaceted approach to prevent and treat opioid misuse and addiction approach to work.
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Community Story - Alcohol
Addressing Clark County’s Culture of Alcohol Abuse
The Clark County Health Department is bringing alcohol education to a surprising new setting: local campgrounds. With help from Clark County’s Forestry and Parks Department, they developed a pilot program to create alcohol-free campsites in their county.
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